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If you follow along on Instagram then you know I spent my holiday break basically being Eliza Thornberry. I have always loved spending time with animals and never shy away from an opportunity to get up close and personal with them. My adventures with animals over the break started with a trip to the Dallas Zoo where I got to feed the giraffes (and take a few selfies with them) which was cool and all, but we needed a little more adventure. Jordan, Austin, and I decided to trek to Oklahoma to spend the day cuddling up with big and little cats, playing with wolves, and kissing a camel.

The tiger cub was four weeks old and so snuggly. The lion cub was nine weeks old and literally a ball of energy that just wanted to wrestle.

I was totally anticipating this kiss to be slobbery and wet (hence the grossed out face), but it was actually super bristly and dry. As cute as he is, I wouldn’t say this kiss made it in my top ten…

Not trying to brag or anything, but I was definitely the tiger cub’s favorite. He would crawl up in my lap and cuddle. Also, every time I held him like the above shot, he would fall asleep and it was the absolute most adorable thing in the world. His little growls and squeaks were so sweet, I nearly put him in my purse and ran home.

Honestly, this one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. Now I just need to go see them in the wild…

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