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Monaco Travel Guide

When we were in Nice a few weeks ago Alesa’s friend Kristen flew down to the coast from Germany to hang out and relax by the sea. The four of us decided to take a day trip over to Monaco for a little luxury and a change of scenery. Unfortunately, when we got there it was raining and overcast, but still warm. But we didn’t let that ruin our excitement (clearly from the photo above). The rain eventually cleared and we were able to explore the Principality. We bought a day bus pass that worked on all of the lines so that we could have easy access to every nook and cranny that Monaco had to offer. It was seriously worth it, we literally went everywhere. We walked up and down nearly every street and picked out our future homes (mine is incidentally the palace…) and yachts while snacking on the best chocolate and gelato that Monte Carlo had to offer. Every lookout point offers an amazing view. I’m convinced that there is nothing ugly in Monaco…Everything is beautiful and glamourous. I can only imagine how amazing it is when the sun is shining. I guess I just need to book a trip back ASAP. Maybe for the Grand Prix. We ended our trip at the Casino Royale where we won millions and all bought the dream Monte Carlo homes we picked out earlier. If only…

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