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Queen of Hoxton

My friends and I have made it a goal to explore one new area or a new restaurant in London every week this summer. Last week we decided to try Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch. This groovy joint is themed as a tribute to Dr. Strange and is a space for music, dancing, food, and rooftop parties. We decided to pop up to the rooftop to explore and grab a bite to eat. And boy did we eat…

Let’s talk about these chicken skewers. Piri-Piri chicken, grilled halloumi, and chorizo…really what more could you want? We soaked in the London sunshine as we tucked into our kebabs.

Stuffed full of chicken, halloumi, and chorizo, we sat and chatted and enjoyed our first weekend of summer on a London rooftop. We were totally satisfied and ready to head home…and then this happened…The psychedelic ice cream sandwich.

Sprinkled covered artisan salted caramel ice cream sandwiched between a rainbow bagel. It was every bit of weird as you would think it would be.

The bagel was so-so, but the ice cream was literally amazing. It’s from Hackney Lick and I’m pretty sure you can buy it buy the tub so I will be stocking my freezer immediately.

Though the ice cream sandwiches were a little weird, we still had a groovy afternoon enjoying the rooftop at Queen of Hoxton. Be sure to check out their calendar of events. They have rooftop cinema every Sunday to Wednesday and every Friday night there is a 90’s dance party, so you know where to find me!

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