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Columbia Road Flower Market

I found my new favorite spot in London: Columbia Road on a Sunday morning. The street is lined with booths and booths of flowers. It seriously smells heavenly and you’ll want to buy every bloom on the street. Charming vendors shout their deals and jokes at you from every which way. Their booths have been in their families for generations and everyone seems to know one another. Vintage shops and delicious restaurants are hidden away behind the booths that line the road. Even live bands come out and play while you stroll along Columbia Road.

It was frigidly cold, so picking up a bundle of the first signs of spring brightened my day and my flat. To match my cute pink pineapple, I opted for a bouquet of pink ranunculus and some baby’s breath.

Itching to ditch the cold and warm up a bit, we tucked into Bill’s for a spot of breakfast.

Instantly, hot chocolate and tea was ordered to thaw our numbed fingers.

Patsy and Jen ordered eggs benedict, while Georgiana opted for the steak, eggs, and chips.

And I devoured my favorite breakfast combo: bacon, egg, and cheese on toast.

Feeling stuffed, but not satisfied, we decided to tuck in to a little dessert: a nutella waffle sandwich topped with banana slices and a warm, chocolate brownie drizzled in hot chocolate and topped with ice cream…Because whats breakfast without dessert?

Finally full, we waddled our way back to the tube and went home for a much needed nap. Bill’s are located all around the UK.

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