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Hello from London!! I am seriously so excited and I can’t believe I live here now…it’s crazy! Anyways, upon arriving I knew I needed to get my bearings so I spent Saturday zooming around the city on a double decker bus with my two super sweet new flatmates. What better way to get more familiar with London then to be a total tourist and hit up all the major monuments? I took so many photos and couldn’t wait to share them all with you. So grab a cuppa and take a tour around London with me!

We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day to zip around London. I loved strolling over the Thames and catching glimpses of the London Eye.

I love the mix of modern and historical buildings all throughout London. This particular building is called The Shard and its the tallest building in Europe. Another to-do on my list is to make it to the top of the building to see all of London.

We hopped off the bus and took a spin around the Tower of London. The historic castle is home to the Crown Jewels and I hear it has some pretty menacing torture chambers and dungeons as well as a large arsenal of weapons. I know that my little brother will be itching to pop in for a tour when he comes to visit.

So guys…how do you like my new flat?! It comes with the best utilities a girl could ask for: guards, corgis, and Prince Harry. The only problem is that I don’t think 775 rooms is enough space…

After blue skies all morning, the sky decided to get a little moody on us and rolled in some very nasty looking clouds. Luckily, the rain decided to hold off.

I can’t get enough of the London flowers. The streets here are lined with baskets of the brightest, most colorful blooms. So many flats have beautiful flower boxes and I haven’t seen a single pub that was not covered in them. They add a perfect pop of color to the city.

This is the Horse Guards building. Here you can see the horses in their 18th century working stables and learn the history of the regiment in the Household Cavalry Museum. If you’re lucky, the Horse Guards will make an appearance and you’ll get to see them in action.

We popped into The Red Lion for a quick lunch (we ended up walking ten miles the entire day and were absolutely starving) of traditional meat pies. The Red Lion pub is a stones throw away from No. 10 (where the Prime Minister’s office is located) and is Charles Dickens’ old stomping grounds.

After lunch, we took a turn around Westminster Abbey (where Will and Kate got hitched…Harry and I are next…) and then popped on over to Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster where the British Parliament likes to hang out.

At the end of the day, we decided to give our feet a rest and jumped on a boat for a spin down the Thames to the Tower Bridge. I couldn’t have asked for a better more exciting first few days in London…Someone needs to pinch me because I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to live here.

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