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I've never really been interested in skincare and beauty because, to be honest, it completely overwhelmed me and I really just didn't care. I would rather spend money on clothes instead of beauty products because let's be honest, I've done my make up the same way for like 10 years now. The last makeup trend I tried was when I wanted to be goth in the seventh grade. Anyways, skincare and beauty was just not something I was in to at all. But when I turned 25 this year, I figured I needed to start being an adult and really care about my skincare habits. I have super sensitive skin, which sucks, so I'm super hesitant to try any new products on my skin. Which is why I thought I would give a beauty tool a shot before paying a plastic surgeon to botox that crap out of my face. We've all heard about microneedling, right? Running needles across your skin sounds super scary, not to mention painful/bloody AND you have to pay like thousands of dollars for a treatment at the dermatologists office. Who the hell would want to do that? But then I came across GloPRO. And fell in LOOOOVVVVVEEEE. Its microneedling made easy. The needles are long enough to penetrate your skin without hurting or causing your face to bleed everywhere. Did you know that the serums and creams you apply at night just sit on the surface of your skin? Yeah, whats the point of a $60 cream that doesn't even break the surface of your skin? This tool changes that. GloPRO creates access to the microchannels in your skin and increases absorption of your topicals by 200x. So if you use GloPRO with that $$$ Chantecaille cream with gold flecks in it, it will ACTUALLY work. I notice a HUGE difference in my skin in the morning after I use GloPRO versus the nights that I don't. You will too. And for a fraction of the price of a treatment at a dermatologists office for only $199. Oh, and did I mention the BODY attachment head? Best thing ever. Got rid of the cellulite on my butt in a month. Get yours here or shop below:

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