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If you don't know about Glossier, than you're missing out. They are one of my all time favorite beauty brands. Every thing they make is magic, high quality, and affordable AF. The believe that beauty should be fun, easy, and real. They embrace the imperfections and individuality of each of their customers. Every campaign that they launch is relatable and attainable. For people like me who literally just are getting into beauty/skincare in their mid twenties, it makes getting ready morning and night easy, fun, and exciting. I can't get enough of Glossier and their products! I'm sharing my top four favorites from their collection below.

And for first time shoppers, Glossier is offering 20% off your first order and free shipping when you buy two things or more when you use this link! Seriously, such a deal. If you've shopped with them before, you sill still get free shipping if you buy two products or more. AND they are offering a discount when you buy the Boy Brow + Haloscope Duo, the Body Hero Duo, and the Cloud Paint Duo! What're you waiting for?! Shop here.

Best lipstick I've ever worn. I seriously wear it every single day. It compliments every skin tone and gives you an effortless, minimal look while adding a subtle pop of color. ZIP and CAKE are my two faves.

Literally an eyebrow lifesaver. I have never been able to master the art of perfectly shading and shaping my brows, it always ends in an unsymmetrical disaster. Enter Boy Brow. After one use, I was hooked. It perfectly tinted and shaped my brows and I never leave home without applying. I wear Boy Brow in BROWN.

I bought all four shades of Cloud Paint and love them all, but BEAM is by far my favorite. I use it every single day and always have a stock of it in my

bathroom drawer. It gives me the most perfect summer glow all year round. I love it.

I love all of THE SUPERS. Since using them, I have seen a drastic difference in my skin. My acne flare ups have decreased and my skin is more luminous and hydrated. I alternate using them depending on what my skin needs and always have them on my counter for easy access.

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