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Glossier Invisible Shield

I literally have the most sensitive skin. I have severe melasma on my face that only gets worse in the sun and heat and I burn like a piece of bacon. Seriously, I burn in like two seconds and in the WEIRDEST places (ie. armpits, knees, ankles, around my bellybutton). So sunscreen is essential for me (and it should be for you too!) but I hate most face sunscreens so I never want to put it on. My experience with face sunscreens has been greasy, acne filled mess. My pores always get clogged and I suffer from breakouts with most sunscreens. But as always Glossier to the rescue with Invisible Shield, a clear watergel SPF 35 sunscreen that leaves NO grease or excess white gunk. Invisible Shield goes on like silk and absorbs into your skin instantly to start protecting. I wore it all weekend in the baking sun at ACL and felt 100% covered. I know summer is over, but you still need to protect your skin in the winter: get it here (your skin will thank you).

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