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Splendid Trench Coat + 7 Things

I thought I would introduce a little series called "7 things" where I share seven little updates or random things going on with the blog or just with life in general. So here goes nothing:

1. Fall is finally in Texas and I couldn't be happier. Its my favorite season for so many reasons, the main reason being fall fashion. Something about layering makes every look infinitely cooler. I fell in love with this trench coat from Splendid the moment I saw it and had a really hard time going with the tan or the black version, but ultimately decided on the classic tan (that way I could match my pup!).

2. We are binge watching the second season of Stranger Things and I'm obsessed. We can't watch each episode fast enough.

3. Saturday marks our two year anniversary! We are celebrating by taking a cooking class at Sur La Table themed "Paris Date Night". I'm ready for pomme frites!

4. I started BBG after seeing so many people on Instagram do it. And let me tell you, its tough. But holy crap the women who show their B&As look amazing so I got inspired to try it out and so far I'm loving it which is amazing considering I hate working out.

5. We have a friend from France visiting next week and we are so excited to show him around Dallas. It also gives us an excuse to eat at all of our favorite restaurants (this is why I need BBG...).

6. I recently downloaded the Calm App and I honestly don't know what I did without it. Its a meditating app and I absolutely love it! I listen to it while I'm at work and feeling overwhelmed or in the morning when I wake up to kind of set the "attitude" for the day. Its seriously so amazing and helpful for dealing with anxiety or stress or even if you just want to meditate for gratitude or happiness. I'm not really into meditating, but I do find this app so helpful because its just calming (hence the name...) and I've only been using it for a week.

7. I'm still obsessed with my GloPRO. I stopped using it for a few days and my skin FREAKED. So I got back into it with my fave Glossier serums and my skin is noticeably more glowy and is starting to clear up. Never going to stop using that tool, its the best.

Shop the look here:

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