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Date Night: Paris Bistro

Jérémie loves to cook and I love to eat, so to celebrate our two year anniversary we took a cooking class at Sur la Table. My sweet aunt Kim got us a gift card for a cooking class for our wedding, so we've been saving it for something special. The night was themed Date Night: Paris Bistro so it was only fitting. We made a pear and hazelnut salad with champagne vinaigrette, pommes frites, filet mignon, and mousse au chocolat. And it was all amazing and I could've had like five more servings of each (except the salad, who wants to eat that much salad...?) I was super excited to learn how to make french fries because 1. they are one of my favorite foods and 2. whenever I make them, it always ends in a disaster. So I was happy to pick up any tips I could. I've taken classes at Sur la Table before but they were both specialized in one type of food. What was fun about this class was that we got to make several different dishes at once. We had so much fun and loved every dish, so much so that I've been craving mousse au chocolat ever since so Jérémie is making our own version of mousse au chocolat as I type (#husbandgoals).

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