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Two Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

There is the most amazing (and affordable) restaurant in London called Flat Iron. When I was living there I would seriously eat there with my friends every other week and multiple times when Jérémie came to visit from France. The line is ALWAYS out the door and you have to get your name on the list right when it opens because they don't take reservations. From popcorn as an appetizer, to £10 steak and the yummiest french fries, it really was the best place for starving grad students. But honestly, we really would eat there so often just for the chocolate caramel mousse. We would fight over who got the biggest serving and it would still never be enough. So Jérémie took it upon himself to crack the secret code behind their amazing dessert. Turns out, it wasn't too difficult and only requires TWO ingredients: heavy whipping cream and four Milky Way bars. THATS IT!

Heat up 1.5 cups of heavy whipping cream on the stove and right before it boils, pour over the chopped up Milky Way bars. Whisk until the bars are fully melted. Place a sifter on top of the canister and pour the mixture in. This will sift out the excess chocolate chunks. Use two cream chargers to fill the canister, shake, then put in the fridge. Then you just have to play the waiting game for about two hours, which always sucks but worth it. When the canister is super cold, you can go ahead and serve. Just top off with salt and you're ready to dig in. The best part of making it at home is that you get so many refills.

We experimented this round with other chocolate bars and toppings. We swapped out the Milky Way and salt for Reese's and peanut butter chips and 3 Musketeer's and chocolate shavings. The combinations are endless and all super delicious. So try it out and let me know how it goes!

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