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Last week we decided we needed to kick off December right, so we went with the family to Enchant (the world's largest Christmas light maze). It was seriously so cool and the best way to start feeling festive before Christmas! The maze is made from millions of Christmas lights and really fun installation pieces like giant reindeers, Christmas trees, ornaments, and snowflakes. After running around after all the little munchkins, Jérémie and my mom took Avery and Brinley for a spin on the ice, while Amberly and I chased Jack in the fake snow. After we had our fun, it was time to get serious and visit Santa to see if we had been naughty or nice. All of us made the nice list (except for Jérémie, he's been rather naughty...) We had such a fun night in this little Winter Wonderland.

^ Doing our best Santa imperssion

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