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Bell Sleeves + 7 Things

Seven days until Christmas means time for another "7 Things"!

1. I can't believe that Christmas is in ONE week! Its finally starting to get chilly and we even might have a snowy Christmas!

2. I love this sweater so much. I bought it in the cream and in the black, but kinda tempted to get it in the third color. The sleeves are so cute - love the double bell! Its also super soft and cozy.

3. We saw Star Wars last week and it was AMAZING. Seriously, almost as good as the original trilogy. Definitely going to go see it again soon. We loved it so much!

4. You can still get 25% off JORD wood watches! The last day is tomorrow, so don't miss out! Click here to shop.

5. Jérémie mastered the art of cooking tater tots in the air fryer and they are literally heaven on earth. He's been really crafty in the kitchen lately with the air fryer, raclette machine, and our crêpe maker and I am loving it.

6. I'm really trying to work on my french and just started listening to audiobooks in french at work. Really hoping it helps! Stay tuned.

7. We got super cute Christmas jammies that I can't wait to share with you guys later this week. I'm obsessed! Here's a hint, they have something to do with number 3 on this list. Be sure to check back in a few days to see!

Happy Monday!

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