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New York Minute

For Christmas, I surprised Jérémie with a trip to one of our favorite places: New York! Besides our weekend getaway to Austin, this was our first real trip as a married couple and we had SO much fun. One of our favorite people, Georgiana, came up from Miami to meet us and we spent the weekend with two of my other favorite people, Mac and Dito. It was so cold (we landed in the city right after the bomb cyclone), but that didn't stop us from wandering the city, shopping and eating at all our favorite spots - and trying a few new ones too.

One afternoon we went on an adventure to Chinatown to get dumplings. Mid-meal, everyone decided that I should get bangs. So being spontaneous, Jérémie and I jumped in a cab and zoomed off to midtown for a little bang trim at one of my favorite salons, Marie Robinson. And I am seriously obsessed with them. In seventh grade, I got the WORST bang job and made my mom promise that she would never let me get bangs again and she never did and always talked me out of it. But sometimes when the mom's away, you decide to get a bangs and end up loving them.

Besides the bangs, we really did have the best time. We ate so much good food and made sure to stop at Levain for the best cookies in the entire world. We wandered so much of the city - both places I knew and new spots to explore. We shopped on Fifth Ave and went to the Top of the Rock, which I had been dying to do. It really does have the best view of the city. We were so sad to leave, it really is one of our favorite places. Ever since we started dating, traveling was one of my favorite things to do with Jérémie. He really is the best travel buddy. I can't wait to see the world with him. The only question is: where should we go to next?

My NYC Wardrobe Essentials:

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