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Anthro Pants

It's been a while! Getting back into the blogging game after being sick for pretty much a month and a half, spring cleaning my entire apartment and closet, and revamping my entire spring wardrobe. I've got some fun spring looks and giveaways planned, so keep an eye out!

We are in this weird in between season phase in Dallas where one day its 80 degrees and sunny and the next day it drops to the 50's and is cold and windy. The weather can't make up its mind, so I decided to squeeze in one last all black "wintry" outfit before its not longer socially acceptable to do so. I just bought these checkered Anthro pants a week or so ago and I am obsessed. They are seriously the most flattering and comfortable pants ever and are on sale! I was so pumped to add them to my mix. I'm a jeans girl and have been itching to shake it up, so these trousers were a baby step for me to change up my entire closet. Can't wait to transition them into my new spring wardrobe.

Shop the look here:

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