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Bastille Day

Bonne fête nationale! This past weekend was a HUGE weekend for France - and boy did we celebrate! July 14th is the Bastille Day (or French Independence Day) and since we can't celebrate in France, we went to the next best thing: Bastille on Bishop. Every year, Bishop Arts closes down its streets and thousands of people join in the french festivities. Booths line the streets from Village Baking Co, La Madeline, and any other french boutique or restaurant (plus others!) in Dallas you can think of. Everyone is dressed in their best stripes, berets, and bandanas and ready to embrace the french culture. We seriously had so much fun! The absolute highlight of the night was meeting up with our "matchmaker", Monsieur Azzi. In 2009, Monsieur Azzi took our entire french class on a trip to France for spring break. We traveled to Reims and went to a local high school for ONE day. That's where I met Jérémie. Fast forward to 2018 and we've married for almost a year! Literally would not have met my husband if it wasn't for Monsieur Azzi.

After an evening of celebrating, we woke up nervous and anxious to cheer on France in the World Cup Final. I honestly think Jérémie was more nervous about the match than he was to get married. But they won! 4-2! It was the best way to end the weekend. After a weekend of frenchiness, I can't wait for our trip next month! Counting the minutes. À bientôt, Paris!

Obsessing over these Candice Andrea tassel earrings. I got three pairs at her pop up shop last weekend at Favor The Kind. She hand makes these amazing statement pieces and is honestly the sweetest human being on the planet. Also loving this ear cuff by Sarah Briggs. It makes me feel way cooler than I am.

This is Monsieur Azzi, our matchmaker!

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