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Boulangerie by Village Baking Co.

I'm in the midst of planning and plotting our next big trip to France and no better place to get in the french mood than on the patio at Boulangerie by Village Baking Co. Its one of my favorite spots to get a pretzel croissant and hot chocolate while people watching on the sunshine soaked patio and taking in the view. There is also a super hot french guy that works behind the the view is nice inside as well. I'm just hoping one day he'll join me on the patio and give me a french lesson or two. We are in that weird "Texas Winter" where one day its 30 degrees and freezing, the next day its 70 degrees and sunny, followed by 40 degrees and super windy. Thats why little black dresses are key. You can wear them in every season and all you have to do is accessorize for the weather. There is something about a LBD that is chic AF, you literally cannot go wrong and will always look great. Shop some of my favorites below:

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