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Midnight in Paris

Paris. Without a doubt my favorite city in the entire world. There is a certain magic in this city that makes it unlike any place else. I come alive in this place and am at my absolute happiest when I'm roaming its streets. We went to Paris for only a few days (not enough in my opinion...I would move to Paris in a heartbeat if the opportunity presented itself...) Since our time in the Paris was short, I made a list of priorities that were NON NEGOTIABLE. I would not leave until my small list was checked off.

1. Dinner at Ober Mamma

2. Visit the Eiffel Tower

3. Wander along the Seine, ice cream in hand

Thats my list every time I'm in Paris. Every. Single. Time. Once my list is checked off, everything else we do is just a bonus. We rented the most amazing Airbnb that I am totally going to model our Parisian apartment after when we move there. But of course, we spent no time in the apartment because we were out breathing in this amazing city. On our only full day in the city, the girls and I ditched the boys and went to a yummy breakfast at Holy Belly Café and sauntered down the cobblestone streets toward the Seine, only stopping to buy ourselves colorful berets. Strolling along the Seine, we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. Every time I see it, I seriously squeak with excitement. The first time, the fifth time, twentieth, hundredth...I sound like a giddy little school girl seriously every single time I see it. Doesn't matter how close we are, how much I can see...Every. Single. Time. It probably drives Jérémie crazy. Anyways, we met the boys at the Trocadéro and little did I know that they had the best surprise for me...Two of our best friends surprised us and flew from Pennsylvania to celebrate with us! Zach and Andrea are seriously the best people I know and we are so lucky to have friends like them. It only made this visit to the Eiffel Tower a little sweeter.

That night we went to Ober Mamma. 16 people squeezed onto a 12 person table and I couldn't have been happier. More of my best friends joined our crew. Mac and Dito (my favorite boys in the entire world who I can count on for anything) were visiting friends in London from NYC and decided to join us in France for our wedding party and my high school friend Landen (who is living my dream and just moved to Paris on a whim) joined us with her boyfriend, Romain. We spent hours eating, drinking, laughing and eating some more. My heart (and belly) was so full to have some of my absolute favorite people sitting at one table and enjoying one another.

Drunk off happiness and full of excitement, we wandered into the night and explored some of our favorite areas until the early hours of the morning. Paris is magic, especially at midnight.

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