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All Saints Leather Jacket

Considering my style, this may come as a shock but before this Christmas, I NEVER owned a really amazing leather jacket. I eyed them lustfully and would be hit with a pang of jealousy every time someone around me had the one piece I was coveting for my own closet. I honestly could just never pull the trigger on the cool girl jacket because of the price, so I ultimately would settle for something cheaper. Cheaper really does mean cheap. Cheap fabric, cheap cut, cheap make. I have a Members Only leather jacket that literally makes this terrible squeaking noise anytime I move. It’s terrible. But this Christmas, everything changed when my handsome hubs got me the most perfect leather jacket of all time from All Saints – the one I had been drooling over and dreaming about for YEARS. And let me tell you, my wardrobe and “cool factor” (if I have one…) jumped like 1000%. Investing in a leather jacket really is one of those things you just need to do. It’s totally worth it and makes any look instantly badass. So thanks J for making me look even cooler than I am. I owe it all to you. (I feel like I’m accepting an Oscar for having the best leather jacket).

Now let’s talk about this dress. Sometimes I find things that were literally made for me. This is definitely a Madison dress. Black with funky embellishments and layers that can be dressed up or dressed down, plus its currently on sale. Only thing that would make it better would be if it had pockets, but sometimes you can’t have everything. Anyways, it’s from Scotch & Soda – a brand that I fell in love with when I was living in London. I would walk to their Carnaby store probably once a week and try half of the store on. They just opened a store in Dallas and your girl is one happy lady. So is my closet…not so much my credit card…or Jérémie. But looking good comes with a price! So Scotch and Soda, take all of my money! If you haven’t shopped there, you are honestly missing out. Your closet will thank you, I promise.

Shop this look and some more of my faves from All Saints and Scotch & Soda below:

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