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Finding My Scent with Le Labo

If you've known me for years, then you know I am exclusively a Chanel Mademoiselle girl. I RARELY if ever, stray off the Chanel path. Its the french wannabe in me I guess. Anyways, on a recent trip to Newport something came over me and I was inspired to bring on a change. As my mom and I were walking/shopping/meandering around Lido, that change wafted through the air in a symphony of differing notes. We followed our noses to Le Labo and were instantly charmed. We spent too much time smelling and resmelling all of the amazing fragrances they had available and picked a few for us to put on our vanities. I went with Santal 33, which is described as "an open fire, the soft drift of smoke, where sensuality rises after the light has gone." It contains cardamom, iris, violet, ambrox which crackle in the formula and bring to this smoking wood alloy (Australian sandalwood, papyrus, cedarwood) some spicy, leathery, musky notes, and gives this perfume its unisex signature and addictive comfort. I couldn't love it anymore. It contrasts so much from Mademoiselle and that might be why I love it so much. Now I have two scents for any mood. What are some of your go to scents?

Find your new favorite Le Labo fragrance here:

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