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Foster Puppies - Pearl and Popcorn

Meet Pearl and Popcorn, our sweet fosters from Pets Going Places! Pearl and Popcorn came from litter of five puppies and were rescued from a kill shelter. When my friend said her rescue was heading to pick them up, I couldn’t resist offering to take whichever ones she would give me! We’ve always wanted to foster and help out as many dogs as we’re able to, so this was the perfect way for us to get started.

Pearl and Popcorn stayed with us for about 3 weeks and it didn’t take long for us and Indy to fall in love. Every morning, Indy would anxiously wake me up so he could go see his babies. They spent their days sunbathing, learning to sit, trying to figure out swimming, and of course, snuggling and playing with Indy.

Pearl is such a sweet, yet sassy little girl. She is super mischievous, incredibly smart, and gets whatever she wants with her puppy eyes. When she wants cuddles, she is sure to let you know by sitting right behind you and then barking for attention.

Popcorn is a the snuggliest, sleepiest yet playful boy. He loves his toys and thinks he’s the boss. He’s also a notorious shoe thief and likes to hide them in obvious places. Popcorn is a boy after my own heart because he loves his naps! He loves to curl up in his bed with all of his toys and get cozy.

They were both such snuggle monsters, so every night it was a battle for who could claim my lap or who could snuggle the closest to Indy.

They were the perfect little puppies and I was devastated to see them go, but they are going to make their forever families in Wisconsin so happy!

The rescue we are fostering with is Pets Going Places. They provide medical care and assist with transportation of abandoned and homeless pups to other rescues around the country due to the fact that Texas has an excessive homeless pet population and shelters are often at max capacity here. Pearl and Popcorn (and their siblings) made their way safely to Wisconsin and are currently waiting to find their forever homes through Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever!

If you are interested in becoming a foster for Pets Going Places and help out puppies like Pearl and Popcorn, click here!


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