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Pink Mamma

If you know anything about me, then you know my two favorite things in the world are pizza and Paris. When the two are combined, its pure magic thanks to the Big Mamma Group. They are the mastermind behind my FAVORITE restaurants in the entire world, Pink Mamma being one of them. Right when we arrived in Paris, we dropped our bags and made the trek to Pigalle to dine at the pink palace on the corner of Rue de Douai. We climbed to the very top floor to eat in the vine covered rooftop and take in the views of Paris. You literally cannot go wrong with anything on their menu. We started with burrata and San Daniel prosciutto…which are number two and three on my favorite things to eat besides pizza. After scraping the last of the burrata from the bowl, we tucked into our pizza napoletana. I opted for the Mammargherita while Jérémie chose the Dancing Regina. The food is so good there is no time for talking and you can’t bare to leave anything on your plate, so you stuff yourself full. Which is exactly what we did. Fed, watered, and incredibly happy, we waddled our way towards the Seine in hopes of burning off our lunch…and also to find some dessert to nibble on…when in Paris!


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