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California Adventure

FINALLY getting around to sharing some pictures from our trip to California. To be totally honest, the whole purpose of this trip was to take Indy to the beach. Our life pretty much revolves around making him happy and taking him on adventures haha. He loved playing on the beach with his sister, Bacon. Seriously they were going so crazy swimming in the bay, we couldn't get them to stop and chill. It wouldn't have been a trip to California without a stop at Dad's to get Hippo Cookies, which Indy tried to steal from me...

I couldn't resist a little shopping trip to Lido and Fashion Island with Tiff to pick up a few of my faves from Stoney Clover and gorjana. Customizing Stoney Clover goodies is my mom and my new favorite hobby. We got these cute seersucker hats from SC and are obsessed! And gorjana has been killing it with everything they launch lately.

Shop my faves from gorjana:

And my faves from Stoney Clover:


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