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Strasbourg, France

Bonjour! We got back from our trip to France last week and are already wishing we were back! We spent the holidays with Jérémie’s family in Reims and had such an amazing time. After stuffing our faces with an endless Christmas dinner, we took a mini road trip to Strasbourg. We both had never been before and were so excited to explore a new city.

The world famous Christmas market was still up, so we grabbed a few pretzels and went out shopping. Each stall was so quaint and unique. I could have easily spent all day snacking and shopping, but there was so much more for us to see! I swear this city was out of a fairytale. I kept waiting for Belle to appear and burst out into song. We wandered through the cathedral, streets, and along the canals until we found ourselves a cozy spot to tuck into some snails and sausage. When in France, you have to promise me you’ll try escargot. It’s seriously so good, you really don’t want to miss it.

All fed and watered, we trekked through the market and hopped on a boat to take a guided river cruise to learn more about this amazing city. Strasbourg has so much rich history that you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t take a least one guided tour while you’re there. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Once on land, we ducked back into the markets and wove in and out of the crowds until we found a little bar off the beaten path to sip on some hot cocoa and people watch.

Our time in Strasbourg was short. We could have easily stayed and explored more, but more adventures were to be had back in Reims and Paris. So we said a quick “au revoir” and an “à bientôt” and drove off on our next adventure. It looks like we will need to just plan a trip back, which is never a problem in my opinion because France is always a good idea.


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