Give. Bigger. Kisses.

Okay, you all know from this post how obsessed I am with Beauty Bioscience's GloPRO. I love microneedling. Its my favorite 60-second nightly ritual that I can't go to sleep without doing. Seriously, I GloPRO from head to toe every night and have seen the biggest difference in my skin. And my obsession just got bigger with the arrival of the GloPRO Lip Edition and Lip Head. Let me tell you: I. Love. This. Thing. Instant lip fillers at my fingertips in just a few seconds every night and morning. I swear my lips were plumper, firmer, and rosier after just one use. Results were only enhanced by The Pout, Beauty Bioscience's new volumizing lip serum. This double duo is the ultimate combo for fuller lips so you can plump that pout and give bigger kisses just in time for Valentine's Day! Get yours here. (PS - The GloPRO Lip Edition comes with an extra Face Head!)