Everyday Jewelry Essentials

I don't know about you, but I have a set of jewelry that I wear on a pretty much daily basis and love to pieces. That's how I am with jewelry, I buy essentials that I can wear every day, become obsessed with them, and hardly take them off. Occasionally I will buy fun statement pieces like colorful tassel earrings, but I save those for specific events or looks. I tend to gravitate toward minimal metals, dainty layering, and hints of neutral colors for my everyday wears. Sharing how I layer some of my favorite pieces below!

1. Layering Necklaces With Details

One of my good friends makes some of my favorite pieces! I live in my Madison McKinley necklaces and rarely go a day without wearing them. I love her loose chains that can be worn at any length. Everything is 14K gold, so they don't tarnish or loose shape. I also can't seem to go a day without my customized pendant necklaces. I have a few of them that I switch out with my look featuring my zodiac sign, initials, and other design elements, but I mainly wear this J initial pendant necklace for Jérémie so I have a piece of him close to my heart (that's so gross I can't believe I typed that...). ANYWAYS, enough of that! I have a secret weapon when it comes to layering necklaces (and sometimes bracelets) and its honestly one of my favorite things in my jewelry box. It's this 3 inch extender made by gorjana. It transforms any necklace anyway you want it and I love, love, loveeeee it. I have three that I swap out to make my layering effortless and easy. Shop some of my fave chains and pendant necklaces here:

2. Colorful Hoops In All Sizes

I've recently become a hoop girl. Its been a new obsession that I can't seem to shake and don't really want to. I feel so glam and sassy when I sport my hoops. From huggies to big oversize hoops, I can't seem to have enough. My favorite hoops on the market are made by Sarah Briggs. I love, love, LOVE their stuff. The handmade Erika hoops come in three different sizes and almost every color you can imagine. I own 36 pairs. Yes, you read that right. Literally 36 pairs. And I don't plan to stop. She has a new collection coming out in February and I can't wait to add more to my collection. Did I mention how affordable they are? And you can get 20% off your first purchase with code NEWBIE20! What's not to love! I linked some more of my fave hoops for you here:

3. Stacking Rings, Even For Your Pinky!

Rings are definitely my thing. I have 5 or more on (more like 7) every day. From midi's to pink rings, to even thumb rings, I am always layered up. There is something about rings that instantly make you look cool I think. My current faves that I wear on the reg are obviously my engagement and wedding rings from Messika, my Evil Eye Ring from Sydney Evan, my barbed wire ring from Madison McKinley, a dainty diamond band my parents bought me a long time ago, and my signet rings (I alternate these) from gorjana and Stella & Dot. I'm a firm believer that the more rings the better. I really don't think you can have too many and love to mix up metals, shapes, colors, etc. You really can't go wrong, I promise. Shop some of my fave rings below (I know you'll love them):

4. Ear Cuffs - For That Instant Rocker Look

Ear cuffs! I can't get enough of them!! Seriously. They are the perfect accessory to add a little rocker chic to any look, and also the perfect way to add an extra piercing without the commitment (though I don't really have a problem with piercing commitment since I have seven...but hey, the more the merrier). Anyways, my fave ear cuffer (is that a word?) is Sarah Briggs! The West Ear Cuffs are by far my fave. They come in so many colors and are so flexible, they can fit comfortably on any part of the ear. I honestly forget I have mine in and sleep in them for days. The only time I take mine off is to change colors. Again, you can get 20% off your first purchase on SarahBriggs.com with code NEWBIE20! More options for you below!

5. Beaded Bracelets With Meaning

I've been a fan of gorjana jewelry for as long as I can remember. I don't go a day without wearing one of their pieces. Their power gemstone bracelets are some of my favorite pieces. I love jewelry with intention and each power gemstone bracelet represents something different. My five go to gemstones lately have been Black Onyx for Protection, Crystal Quartz for Clarity, Snowflake Obsidian for Courage, Pyrite for Strength, and Labradorite for Balance. Black Onyx is considered a stone of self-mastery. It has a powerful energy that stimulates all of the senses so that you are alert, grounded and focused, thus enabling a strong field of protection. Crystal Quartz offers a powerful energy that has the ability to enhance and strengthen your thought, bringing with it a greater sense of clarity. Snowflake Obsidian is known as a stone of courage. With its calming energy it opens the door to change. Pyrite is considered the stone of fire, as it can be used to ignite a spark. It draws energy from the earth and acts as a shield, filling you with a renewed sense of strength. Labradorite brings forth a higher awareness of yourself and those around you, adding a magical sense of balance to your life. I love when pieces have a more meaningful origin. Thats what makes power gemstones so great. I think I'm only missing a few pieces from their collection that I can't wait to add to! Shop gorjana's power gemstone bracelets here:

6. Heirloom Pins from France

Even though they aren't jewels, I consider pins some of my fave accessories. These two are some of my most prized possessions and I wear them almost everyday. I got the Eiffel Tower pin while strolling along the Seine in Paris when I went to visit Jérémie before we were married. I love the treasures you can find at the bouquinistes and I couldn't leave without this pin to remind me of spending time in my favorite city with my favorite person. The second pin was given to me by Mamy Jack (Jérémie's grandmother). It's a limited edition pin made and given to her by Yves Saint Laurent himself. It is one of the most special things I own and can't wait to pass it down to my daughter and have her pass it on to hers. I love having such a special family heirloom in our family and love having a touch of France and my french family incorporated to my daily looks. What are your favorite pieces in your jewelry box?