February Life Update

Happy March, everyone! Feb was a weird month...time creeped by so slowly at times and blew past me at others and here we are kicking off March. I'm typically not a "Spring" girl (I love Fall more than anything), but I am so over this insane Texas weather and having a 40 degree temperature drop/gain every dang week. Its maddening. Anyways, here's a seven things random update since I haven't done one of these in a while:

1. Book Review – Okay, going to be honest, didn’t love this month’s book choice. I could NOT get into it…so I didn’t finish it and just read the summary on Wikipedia, took pictures of me pretending to read and watched TV instead...Some parts I loved, others I just skimmed over and eventually gave up. Not a great start to our book club! But hey, there’s always next month.

2. Art Studio – my parents are moving just a street away from where they currently live, which seems crazy but their new house is perfect for them. The new house has an art studio and I am seriously SO excited. I can’t wait to start painting with my mom and teaching her all about print making. It’s going to be such an amazing space to get creative in and work on my secret project coming later this year!

3. Think Pink – My niece Brinley told me that I would look better with pink hair. And five year olds are always right so I tried Kristen Ess’ temporary rose gold tint in my hair and loved it. I just wish it was a little more visible on darker ombré hair. But I don’t think I sprayed it enough in the right places. You could definitely see a pink tint, but it wasn’t as saturated enough for what I was hoping. I also loved that it completely washed out in like two shampoos. I’m going to try it again and hopefully it will be pink enough to show you on here. Stay tuned.

4. French Invasion – Two of Jérémie’s best friends are coming to stay with us tomorrow for two weeks in and we are super pumped. We are going to give them the Texas experience and take them to the rodeo, out for barbecue, and maybe to ride horses. Basically taking them to do ever cliché activity associated with the south you can think of.

5. Shop My Closet – Did you know that you can shop straight from my closet for half the price on Poshmark? I’ve listed a ton of great, gently used items for sale and will update more with spring items in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for any good deals.

6. Happiest Place on Earth – I grew up practically living at Disneyland. I know that place like the back of my hand. I’m a total Disney freak BUT, I’ve never been to Disney World in Florida. So when my parents surprised our whole family with a trip to the mouse’s house in Orlando for Christmas, I literally freaked out and couldn’t stop yelling “WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!” over and over again. I think I was more excited than the kids. I need all your tips and itineraries for what to do/see at Disney World, I want to see if all and do everything, so help me plan!

7. Hoop Love – I am literally obsessed with Sarah Briggs Erika and Dilan Hoops. I used to just be a dainty stud or edgy ear crawler girl and never wore hoops or bigger earrings. But she is just killing the earring game and love everything she puts out in Erika and Dilan. I mean I clearly have an obsession…I have 28. Shop them here and get 20% off with code NEWBIE20.

This wasn't much of a February update, but more of a random list of things I've been thinking about. Hope you're Friday is off to a great start!