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Frankly Speaking is a source for inspiration from fashion and beauty to travel and food based on my experiences around the world. Pack your bags and join me on my adventures!
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September 23, 2019

If you've known me for years, then you know I am exclusively a Chanel Mademoiselle girl. I RARELY if ever, stray off the Chanel path. Its the french wannabe in me I guess. Anyways, on a recent trip to Newport something came over me and I was inspired to bring on a...

August 13, 2019

I haven’t been to Disneyland in a few years, which was WAY too long to go without Bengal Barbeque and a trip on the Small World, so literally the first thing I did when I went to California last week was head straight to the Happiest Place on Earth. I was SUPER pumped...

August 10, 2019

I can't survive without Glossier Balm Dotcom. Seriously. This stuff is a GAME. CHANGER. I have 2 tubes on me at almost any given time. Seriously. I rotate between all of the flavors, but never leave the house without the Coconut flavor. Its like the beach in a bott...

August 9, 2019

While I have many favorite places in the world (London, Paris, New York...), by far my absolute favorite place to be is smack dab in the middle of the sea on boat with the people I love most. If I wasn't an Art Director, I definitely would have been a Marine Biolog...

August 8, 2018

Sunscreen is an absolute necessity for me (and it should be for you). Using sunscreen daily is the ONLY way to protect your skin from sun damage, pollutants, and dangerous free radicals that will harm your skin. Take it from me someone who burns to a crisp and has horr...

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January 22, 2020

January 9, 2020

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Meet Madison

Hi, I'm Madison! I started this blog in 2015 when I was living in London as a way to share my adventures with friends and family back home but it soon grew and now I am sharing my experiences with readers I consider to be my extended friends and family - you! So pack your bags and come along with me on this adventure!