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Oui, Oui Paris!

A few weeks ago, I got to go visit my love in France! We hadn’t been together for months, so it honestly was the best 10 days I’ve ever spent. I missed him so much and am so glad that this whole long distance thing is nearing an end. We spent the first portion of my visit in Jérémie’s hometown, Reims, and the last few days in Paris. I loved getting to spend time with his family (my future in-laws!) and all of his friends. Like usual, we spent most of our time eating. I finally was able to try frogs legs and escargot (snails)! I’ve been wanting to try them literally every time I’ve been in France and was SO excited (and nervous) when I got to eat them. And I have to say…they were delicious!

The whole trip was jam packed with fun things for us to do and yummy things for us to eat. Jérémie booked us a macaron cooking class (because we’ve never been successful at making macarons on our own) and got us tickets to Disneyland Paris (I always bother him about going there every time I see a sign). We went shopping for our wedding rings (!!!), popped into Berthillon for ice cream hot chocolate and macaron ice cream sandwiches, and made sure to have dinner with friends at one of our favorite restaurant’s, Ober Mamma. We were too busy having fun and enjoying each other’s company that we didn’t take too many pictures or videos to document the trip (I wouldn’t have had it any other way), but I did take a few and managed to make a little travel diary vlog below. I hope you like it!

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