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Family Photos

Laughing to myself as I post this because the first picture *closely* resembles the first picture in my last post - a shot of me with a handsome, hairy hunk haha. ANYWAYS A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Rachel offered to take some picture of J, Indy, and me. Since most of our “nice” photos are from our wedding, I of course said yes and forced J to coordinate colors with me. For someone who hates getting his pictures taken, he was a champ. And Indy boy – omg he is a MODEL. I mean look at his sweet face! I thought I’d share a few of my fave shots here. We were cracking up picking these out because we felt like we were at a maternity shoot/gender reveal shoot for our baby Indy. Rachel is so freaking talented, if you need a photographer for weddings, engagements, life, she is your girl. I promise you will not be disappointed. I mean if she can make us look this good, then you definitely need to book her! Click here for her site!

Outfit details for her:

Outfit details for him:

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